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The Background

Your Healthcare CIC – is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. Your Healthcare delivers health and social care services for the residents of the London Boroughs of Kingston and Richmond. The organisation’s diverse range of responsibilities cover district nursing to residential care for people with dementia, they also look after the area’s GP (Doctor) practices.

As a CIC the organisation Your Healthcare also develops services and support that can be extended to other healthcare organisations outside as a shared service.

The Challenge

The need was to balance increasing customer demands with a limited budget. CIC was faced with an ageing IT infrastructure that needed updating to maintain an effective support service to its staff and patients.

Phil Montgomery, IT Infrastructure Manager at Your Healthcare explains: “towards the end of its useful life it was becoming slow and unresponsive and failing to deliver the performance needed for a modern healthcare service“.

The company had created a VDI environment for the applications but were experiencing problems with units freezing, resulting in a lot of complaints from their clinical staff.

Your Healthcare looked to replace an existing ISCSI SAN, that could connect with CISCO Network and Dell servers to deliver a fully connected infrastructure.

Working with CIC and Huawei, MCSA were able to provide the IT infrastructure storage solution, project management, professional services, installation, warranty support and training support.

The Solution

One of the key criteria for CIC was the 5-year cost of ownership calculation and the price / performance evaluation. MCSA’s relationship with Huawei and their experience of Health Service demands meant they were well placed to quickly understand the key requirements and deliver the savings required. The initial workshop session allowed the team to challenge the design in place and replace it with a more cost-effective solution which delivered better performance. The quick implementation meant that the project was completed in under 3 months from start to implementation.

The Results

The system is much easier to maintain and there has really been little need for extra training as it is so intuitive to use. It’s very cost-effective in the way it manages data and its modular construction means that we can be confident it will grow with us as our organisation develops. The effectiveness and efficiency of the system has significantly reduced complaints from end-users which was a key priority for us.

The Benefits

MCSA provides the support and management processes to ensure the IT infrastructure’s ongoing development continues – with almost zero continuity risks. The company’s processes, such as call logging, are also now vastly more efficient.

Your Health “Having access to on-going IT systems training is really useful, it’s something that, with all the other pressures, can easily get overlooked. This will give us the opportunity to broaden our knowledge and expertise, which will be important in the longer term as we start to consider the overall architecture of our network.” says Phil Montgomery.