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The Background

Formed in 1990, Ultima is one of the UK’s leading providers of secure and scalable IT infrastructure solutions to private and public sector organisations. By including the third party maintenance expertise of MCSA Group Ltd, Ultima can provide a complete IT Services solution that underpins and supports its customers’ entire infrastructure. Mark Pickin, Maintenance Services Business Manager at Ultima, comments, “Ultima is a brand and business that has a strong reputation within the industry for reliability and quality of service. As such, it’s important that we partner with companies which have the same strong values and structures as our own. Having worked in the IT industry for a number of years, I was aware of MCSA’s capabilities and reputation for excellence prior to working with them. MCSA is now an integral tool within the service we provide to our customers, enabling us to integrate the break/fix service and strengthen our relationship with our key clients.”

The Challenge

Ultima originally enlisted MCSA to aid with one particular customer who was experiencing difficulties with its infrastructure. Following MCSA’s quick resolution to the problem and excellent customer service, Ultima decided to enter into an ongoing contract with MCSA and the two companies continue to work in partnership today to service an ever growing portfolio of customers.

The Benefits

Summarising the key benefits of the partnership, Pickin comments, “MCSA’s detailed knowledge of our culture and the business of our clients is a major benefit of the partnership and means we can provide the most appropriate solutions to support our user-base. The support team at MCSA are very professional and they have a range of procedures in place that ensure that we are proactively updated at each stage of the break/fix assignment, which we then relay back to the customer helping to keep everyone in the loop and informed on what actions are being taken.” Andrew Beaumont, Sales Manager at MCSA comments, “The partnership with Ultima is very valuable to MCSA and one that continues to grow and expand. We share the same core business attitudes in regards to ethos and customer satisfaction, a point that has proved invaluable over the years. Customers such as Ultima particularly like the fact that the clock starts
ticking as soon as they call us, and if we say we’ll have an engineer on site within eight hours to affect a fix, that’s what we deliver – a qualified engineer with the right tools and the right spares.”

The Results

MCSA has established itself as Ultima’s preferred third party break/fix service provider, with the company servicing over 70% of Ultima’s customers Intel server and storage estates. The ongoing partnership with MCSA enables Ultima to deliver an inherently flexible and reliable service to all of its customers regardless of the age or sophistication of the system. Mark concludes, “Over the past three years, MCSA has become a trusted partner and their ability to constantly meet our demands and the demands of our customers means they are a company we can truly rely on. When our customers experience IT support issues they are at their most vulnerable so having a partner such as MCSA that can resolve issues quickly and deliver against their promises is essential. We like the fact that with MCSA we don’t ever get tied up in red tape and small print when a problem occurs. They are always very flexible and willing to help and we have developed a really strong personal relationship with them which ensures a very effective partnership between both organisations.”