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Crown Commercial Service Technology Products 2 - RM3733

Technology Products 2 (TP2) offers you a flexible and compliant route to market for all your commodity technology product needs; whether it is a single cable or entire corporate infrastructure.

Lot 6 – Catalogue 

Offering an extensive range of commoditised technology hardware and software products through an online catalogue via a direct award based on lowest price. This lot offers a best of breed approach to product information, search, selection and purchasing.


  • Great choice of products and associated services
  • Flexible routes to market
  • Dynamic catalogue functionality (Lot 6)
  • Best public sector prices
  • Capped margins – suppliers’ margins are contractually capped and audited on a monthly basis by CCS which ensures best valueDfT Id templates
  • Reduced timescales – no further OJEU process needed
  • Pre-defined terms and conditions
  • Call-off contracts can be up to 5 years (depending on circumstances)
  • Framework developed in collaboration with ESPO, YPO & MoD