HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy accelerates business with infrastructure as code so IT can create new value instantly and continuously.

Technology Infrastructure decision makers know that they must proactively enable IT to improve business transformation. They want to change attitudes of traditional IT as a cost centre into an enabler of business. The speed and ease of Cloud have raised expectations to the point that traditional infrastructure is no longer able to deliver.


HPE Synergy provides a faster and easier way to:

  • evolve traditional infrastructure to make it more Cloud-like
  • provide significant improvement in efficiency for traditional IT
  • increase the operational pace.

These three improvements enable organisations to transform towards a hybrid infrastructure by optimising the balanced delivery of on-premises and public cloud services based on business and IT requirements.


  • Transform cost to value creation with infrastructure that brings together traditional and new
  • Run anything: Optimise all apps and service levels
  • Move faster: Accelerate app and service delivery
  • Work efficiently: Reduce operational effort and cost
  • Unlock value: Increase productivity and control


MCSA’s strategic relationship with HPE means we are ideally suited to help with your Data Centre update. Our expertise, highly skilled project management, engineering resources, and our understanding of what it takes to deliver the business improvements you need, make this transition as painless as possible.

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