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Support Services for EMC VNX5300

MCSA can extend the life and increase the ROI of your VNX 5300 systems by offering a tailored service contract to meet your needs and a saving of up to 40% when compared to an equivalent manufacturer service. We can access our L3 support team, who utilise proprietary software carry out:

  • Monitoring, configuration, diagnostics, troubleshooting and testing for the EMC VNX series
  • Monitor and dial home in case of array component failures
  • Enables L3 technical support engineers to hot swap parts
  • Error notification and interpretation
  • Proactive monitoring and management

At MCSA we have been maintaining business critical IT for over 35 years – We understand the importance of these systems to your organisation. We offer flexible SLA’s to suit your business needs and only use our own team of trusted and highly qualified engineers for a superior experience to keep your business running.

Series Max Disk Drive Types File: X-Blades (Data Movers) File: Protocols Block SP’s Block: Protocols
VNX1 125 SAS, NL-SAS, Flash 1,2 or 3 NFS, CIFS, pNFS 2 FC, iSCSI, FCoE