MCSA are proud to be a reseller partner of DataCore allowing for us to sell the DataCore solutions in Software-defined and hyperconverged. We are a leading UK provider of IT solutions services supporting the business needs of core IT infrastructures. Building on over 39 years heritage of services, we supply, install, implement modern IT infrastructure environments. Our installed solutions are running business critical environments for a wide range of customers in both the Commercial and Public Sector industries.


Software-Defined Storage

Why use Software-Defined Storage?

1. Enables different storage devices to communicate with one another.

2. Separate advances in software from advances in hardware.

3. Pool all storage capacity and provide centralised management.

4. Make hardware maintenance, data migrations, and hardware refreshes easy.

SANsymphony™ SDS

DataCore SANsymphony is an enterpris-class platform providing high performance, high availability and agile storage infrastructure with a low TCO. SANsymphony infrastructure software takes isolated storage devices regardless of the manufacturer, as well as ones that are spread between different locations, and places them under one common set of enterprise-wide services that are managed centrally.

Advantages of SANsymphony SDS;

  • Go faster: Faster I/O for databases, email, VDI and loine of business applications means more transactions processed, more data anlysed faster leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Always on: Infrastructure that is always available means the applications are up and running all the time, reducing business disruptions and loss of sales.
  • Save money: Save both Capex and Opex costings by running more workloads with better performance and availability.
  • Less risk: High-performance, high availability and agile infrastructure results in efficient operations, reduced disruptions and more productive users.

DataCore Hyper-converged Virtual SAN

Create a high-performance, highly available and cost-effective hyper-converged solution with your virtualised host. DataCore Hyper-converged Virtual SAN runs directly on hosts to aggregate individual local disks and flash storage into a highly available and fast virtual storage pool.

Compared to other hyper-converged products, DataCore’s hyper-converged solution can provide the following advantages;

  • Go faster: Faster applications means more transactions processed in less time, more data analysed faster leading to increased revenue.
  • Always on: With the infrastructure highly available, it helps to reduce disruptions to business operations and decrease risk.
  • Do more with less: Run more workloads, with better performance and availability on far fewer servers.
  • More efficiency: Integrated infrastructure means it’s easy to manage everything, with fewer people.


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