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Scottish Government Server Maintenance Framework

The Server Maintenance framework agreement is open to all Scottish public bodies. The framework agreement offers a direct route to market via a single supplier call off ordering procedure.

The scope of the framework agreement is for the provision of Server Maintenance services including but not limited to:

Key requirements:-

  • All Server types including Blade; Rack; and Tower options. Server Maintenance will include all internal server components, i.e. Processor, Memory, hard-drives and any internal cards;
  • Local Area Network (LAN) Switches:  Maintenance services appropriate to Switch hardware only.  (Associated cables and adaptors are not to be included);
  • Tape Drives and Tape Libraries:  Maintenance services for peripheral devices attached directly to server or LAN;
  • Keyboard Video Monitor Switch (KVM):  Hardware Maintenance only;
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices:  Hardware Maintenance only.  (Configuration, disk partitioning and backup facilities are not to be included);
  • Storage Area Network (SAN):  Maintenance services for hardware only including individual disk or shelve replacement.  (Configuration, disk partitioning and backup facilities are not to be included).

Optional maintenance services requirements:-

  • Operating System:  (including Windows, Unix, Linux and Solaris) – Maintenance service relates to the operational readiness and security of the system which includes Operating System re-installation and application of Security Patches and Service Releases;
  • Firmware:  Maintenance services relating to installation of firmware for server components, LAN Switches and applicable peripheral devices.  (SAN Firmware is not to be included);
  • Equipment Moves:  This will include internal moves within current location and/or external moves to another location.


  • The framework is in line with the Digital Public Services Strategy and supports the Scottish Government Data Hosting and Data Centre Strategy for the Scottish Public Sector.
  • Technically competent and achievable solutions for Scottish public sector organisations.
  • The framework provides best value across Scotland with savings achievable through collaborative use of the framework.
  • The framework addresses the Scottish Government’s aspirations with regards to social, environmental and sustainability issues.
  • This award follows a comprehensive tender exercise, under EU public procurement regulations, and provides an easy route to market for contracting organisations.