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Retailers face up to new challenges backed by IT


The retail landscape has never been so competitive with the need to react to changes in the market quicker than ever before. It is no longer acceptable to have too much stock, to be out of stock or to have it in the wrong place. Pricing needs to accurate across all stores, competitive with its rivals and can change quickly when needed. Promotions need to be well timed and transactions completed quickly and recorded accurately in real time. Staff have never been better equipped to present the merchandise to its best, to answer customer questions and to be able to react when a customer shows them a page from the website, accessed over a free WiFi network hotspots, highlighting a cheaper price in a store that may be hundreds of miles away.

These challenges are faced by all the parties in the retail distribution chain, where they are growers, farmers, fuel suppliers, mineral suppliers, factories, distributors, retailers or restaurants. Technology plays a bigger part than ever before – IT systems need to be more flexible and resilient than ever before, designed and configured to support the business processes, have the speed and capacity to cope with the fluctuating demands of the seasons or high points in the month.


Technology Solutions across the UK

At MCSA we have been supporting retail businesses for over 35 years, a trusted IT services and solutions provider – A trusted advisor, delivering high quality and value for money to several key players across the UK.

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  • On premise or cloud based
  • Networking
  • Digital mobility
  • Systems resilience and systems Security