Avanti Emulator

Avanti Alphaserver Emulator

Virtual Alpha Server

Avanti is a commercial virtual Alpha Server solution from Migration Specialties, that is completely software based and runs within a Windows environment. It allows a running Alpha Server to be migrated to a virtual Alpha Server which is completely binary compatible with the original hardware.

It is designed to support demanding Alpha replacements. Avanti can replace low end Alpha hardware outright and high end Alpha hardware where performance is not a critical factor. Avanti can replace systems running OpenVMS 6.2 thru 8.4 and Tru64 UNIX V3.2C thru V5.1B-6/Pk8.

Alpha Server Virtualization Advantages

Replacing an Alpha system with a virtual Alpha is like upgrading hardware in place. It supplies new hardware while retaining important software intact and unmodified, providing the following benefits:
• Virtual OpenVMS and Tru64 Unix environment.
• Quick deployment: 3 to 5 day implementation.
• New hardware: Improving reliability, performance, and energy efficiency.
• VMs: Supported on VMware, vMotion, Sun VirtualBox, and other virtual environments.
• Allows multiple copies on a single host.
• Improved integration with Microsoft Windows operating environments.
• Lower operating costs with a smaller data center footprint.
• Binary compatibility: No software migration, reengineering, or source code required.
• High ROI: Continued leveraging of vested employee knowledge; no user retraining.

In addition, an Avanti virtualized Alpha provides a host of new features. Remote hosting, remote backups, portability, experimentation, training environments, snapshots, and the like all become options with Avanti that were simply impossible with legacy Alpha equipment.

MCSA can provide a complete solution

  • supply a new server preconfigured for your requirements
  • migration onto your own server or virtualised environment
  • full migration consultancy to move from the physical System to the emulated System
  • ongoing support services for the whole emulator environment
  • running on Windows

MCSA can also provide various evaluation options, which can be considered to be a Full DR test, as a system will be restored from your normal media. An evaluation can often highlight issues with the restore process that can be resolved prior to requiring an emergency restore.

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