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NHS SBS Link Solutions IT

The NHS SBS Link Solutions IT framework provides a compliant route to meet your IT requirements across a number of areas including servers, storage, networking, virtualisation, bespoke software, desktop operating systems and many more.


What does the framework cover?

  • Servers and related products and services
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Third party software inc. bespoke software
  • Other IT hardware


  • Optimisation–  Assist trusts in undertaking the journey towards workforce optimisation and realising the maximum benefits from the offering.
  • Service Savings – Provide best value pricing and terms with all framework providers.
  • Ease of Call Off –  Use GHX Nexus if you are calling off under standard specification
  • Direct Award – Removes the need for individual trusts to undertake an OJEU process to select a provider, so trusts can go straight to market
  • Mini Competitions – Running a further competition to discover the most economically advantageous supplier for
    your trust.