Infrastructure Assessment

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Infrastructure Assessment

MCSA’s Business IT Evaluation (BITE) service is designed to improve your IT infrastructure by checking on its current status and how it could be improved.

Our skilled and experienced solutions team will visit you to discuss how your IT currently aligns with your business requirements as well as a review of the inventory so that we can give you an accurate asset report and suggestions of where you can look to make savings or focus your investments. Our aim is to help you plan your IT investment as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We are aware that in some cases, over 70% of an IT budget is spent on maintaining the status quo, rather than being invested to meet future business needs. We want to work with you to achieve a more balanced spend on ‘business as usual’ and planning for tomorrow.

MCSA is involved in a wide number of business sectors and also has considerable knowledge about many vendors’ equipment – knowledge which we are able to share with our customers during this process. We also use the ITIL V3 and CMMI model to help guide our customers towards best practice in the real world.

Contact us today to book an initial meeting where we can identify your BITE requirements. We will then help you evaluate how your current IT works and how it could be utilised more effectively to reduce risks and costs while encouraging improved business performance and value to your business.

Key points:

  • Talk to real IT engineers and utilise their knowledge about what is happening in the industry
  • Report of findings and outline of roadmap for future strategy
  • Levels of maturity established within your IT infrastructure (CMMI and ITIL v3)
  • Analysis of your current and desired technology state and where IT investment could take your business
  • Levels of resource cover and business risks (SPF analysis)

BITE frequently has the outcome of specific projects and workshops to explore and develop its recommendations. When this is the case, we can help you to set these up, determine the content and administer / moderate them

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