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Multi-Vendor, Data Centre to Deskside

Data Centre

We deliver a reduced operational overhead and server footprint for your data centre – as well as improved efficiency, performance and processing throughout. Our considerable experience in unlocking data centre capability involves providing the best design, procurement, implementation and support.

We also ensure that your IT estate is future proof, can always exceed demand and will deliver maximum business continuity – using less power and cooling consumption.

When designing or consolidating your IT infrastructure, we consider the most appropriate hardware upgrades and software approaches – such as virtualisation and cloud computing. We can also consolidate or migrate your key data and applications.

For Medway NHS Foundation Trust, we recently created a leading-edge virtualised server, storage and network infrastructure – utilising HP Converged Infrastructure. We also delivered a refresh of Biffa’s infrastructure technology to create a robust, highly available and future-proof technology platform its continued commitment towards sustainable computing.

The MCSA Group multi-vendor support portfolio

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Resource Services

As part of our focus on IT service and engineering excellence, we can make our engineering workforce available to our customers on short and long term projects.

Examples of projects handled for our customers using day rate services are:

  • Service desk cover
  • Engineer on site holiday and sickness cover
  • Desktop / laptop roll out programmes
  • Datacentre moves
  • IT surgery days for remote sites

We can work with you to identify the right engineers for your requirement and through our UK wide network, will provide you with reliable and skilled resource to fulfil your needs and smooth your resource requirements.

Maintenance and Support Quotations

Our customers frequently comment on how simple and efficient the process is of obtaining a maintenance quotation from The MCSA Group. We pride ourselves on providing timely quotations in an easy to read but detailed format. The MCSA Group will always endeavour to save you money from your incumbent maintainer.

The MCSA Group will never commit to support equipment for which we are not thoroughly trained and equipped to deliver a high level of service. This means that when you get a quotation we will be able to fully meet the committed service level.

To provide an accurate maintenance quotation we require the following information:-

  • Contact details
  • Site(s) Location
  • Required service levels e.g. 4 hour response with further 4 hour fix
    Call window e.g. Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm
  • Model Numbers of equipment (Serial numbers if possible)
  • Configurations of servers e.g. Memory, CPUs, Disks

If you are unable to provide detailed information or if your support request is more complex then please contact us and one of our bid team will discuss your requirements in more detail.

For quotation requests please use our contact form or if you have an equipment list for quotation please send it to Maintenance Quotations.