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Case Study - Medway-NHS Foundation Trust

The Background

Medway NHS Foundation Trust serves the local communities in the Medway towns and surrounding areas. The local Community provides Wide Area Network links to other health communities in the county of Kent and beyond. The existing infrastructure is supported by the Kent and Medway Health Informatics Service, who aim to provide a one-stop-shop for Information Management and Technology for the NHS across Kent and Medway.

Medway NHS Foundation Trust partnered with MCSA to create a leading-edge virtualised server, storage and network infrastructure – utilising HPE Converged technology.

The Challenge

The Trust needed a new, robust, scalable and affordable IT infrastructure to support its network bandwidth and IT growth, for at least five years. As well as providing greater stability and availability, the infrastructure had to allow the Trust to step up its deployment of new services and applications.

MCSA, was chosen by the Trust and Kent and Medway Health Informatics Service (KMHIS), to expertly deploy HPE’s Converged Infrastructure technologies within the new infrastructure. Mark Bishop, KMHIS Infrastructure Manager, said, “MCSA has an excellent history in delivering complex NHS Infrastructure projects, so were seen as a low risk partner for us.”

The Solution

For each of the Trust’s two data centres, MCSA designed and implemented an HPE ProLiantbased server blade server infrastructure and HPE P4500 and StoreOnce backup systems for its storage area network, (SAN). This dual site solution has sufficient computer and storage capacity and is resilient enough to maintain normal operation, even if one site fails.

The Results

The SAN provides data storage in two tiers and ensure complete business continuity, with rapid disaster recovery. It enables the Trust to easily meet its growing storage requirements.

To upgrade its local area network (LAN), MCSA employed a resilient HPE 7500 core switch architecture with IRF.

Network performance has been greatly improved, and the switches currently operate at less than 10% capacity, the Trust the ability to cope with future growth in demand for network bandwidth as applications and user numbers increase.

The Trust is also now able to accelerate deployment of new services and applications, supporting over 400,000 patients – and ultimately improve patient care.

The Beneftis

Gerd Knight, KMHIS Head of Operations North Kent said, “To ensure that the Trust would not be left in an expensive technology cul-de-sac, one of our technical objectives was to ensure that any solution adhered to open published standards and the HPE solution achieved this objective.”

Jerry Thorpe, KMHIS Programme Manager for the project, concluded, “MCSA worked closely with us throughout the project, delivering the new HPE-based infrastructure quickly and efficiently, with minimal interruption to the Trust’s critical services.”