MCSA is a leading UK HPE Authorised Gold Services Specialist and deliver packaged and contract services on behalf of HPE, covering the entire HPE product range.

Our customers range from SMEs to large multi-national organisations and public sector institutions, delivering reliable services through a network of highly trained permanently employed engineers. MCSA invests in service delivery, operating from fifteen regional service centres, strategically placed across the UK enabling us to provide a reliable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Hardware Maintenance Services


As an HPE Partner Ready Service Delivery Partner, MCSA provide out of warranty support on 3PAR storage, as well as in warranty, vendor authorised software and hardware support, providing customers with complete life-cycle management of their storage systems.

MCSA supported 3PAR storage arrays:

HP 3PAR T-Series
HP 3PAR F-Series

HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7200
HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7400
HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7450

StoreServ Storage Converged Controller models 7200c, 7400c, 7440c

3PAR StoreServ 8200
3PAR StoreServ 8400
3PAR StoreServ 8440
3PAR StoreServ 8450

3PAR StoreServ 10000
3PAR StoreServ 20000

No need to risk cheaper, non-authorised 3PAR hardware support – we deliver value and service quality to customers.

Key aspects of service:

  • HPE certified 3PAR engineers
  • a range of HPE certified service deliverables
  • firmware and event log analysis
  • HPE escalation and authorised parts
  • UK call centre and account management
  • flexible contract terms and 1-stop-shop
  • multi-vendor accreditations

As an HPE Partner Ready Services Delivery Partner, we provide out of warranty support on StoreVirtual LeftHand storage arrays, as well as in warranty, vendor authorised software and hardware support, providing our customers with complete lifecycle management of their storage systems.

HPE StoreVirtual

4130 600GB SAS Storage
4330 450GB SAS Storage
4330 900GB SAS Storage
4330 1TB MDL SAS Storage
4330 FC 900GB SAS Storage
4530 450GB SAS Storage
4530 600GB SAS Storage
4530 2TB MDL SAS Storage
4530 3TB MDL SAS Storage
4530 4TB MDL SAS Storage
4730 600GB SAS Storage
4730 900GB SAS Storage
4730 FC 900GB SAS Storage
4630 900GB SAS Storage
4335 Hybrid Storage

HPE Legacy Storevirtual

P4000 StoreVirtual LeftHand
P4300 StoreVirtual LeftHand
P4300 G2 StoreVirtual LeftHand
P4500 StoreVirtual LeftHand
P4500 G2 StoreVirtual LeftHand
P4800 StoreVirtual LeftHand
P4900 StoreVirtual LeftHand

Key aspects of our service include:

  • HPE Certified StoreVirtual / LeftHand engineers
  • A range of HPE Certified service deliverables
  • Firmware and Event log analysis
  • HPE Escalation and authorised parts
  • The MCSA Group Engineers
  • UK Call centre and account management

MCSA offer unparalleled maintenance services for the HPE range of servers and blades. These include the latest G10 Servers and the C7000 Blade chassis. Providing full warranty uplift services for the whole HPE Intel range of servers, desktops and workstations.

HPE ProLiant Servers – ProLiant Maintenance

DL140, DL145, DL320, DL360, DL380, DL385, DL560, DL580, DL585, DL740, DL760

ML110, ML150, ML310, ML330, ML350, ML370, ML570

ProLiant 1600, ProLiant 1850R, ProLiant 3000, ProLiant 5500, ProLiant 6000, ProLiant 6400, ProLiant 6500, ProLiant 7000, ProLiant 8000, ProLiant 8500

ProLiant Support

HPE c-Class Blades

BL890c, BL870c, BL860c

ProLiant Generation 6 Server Blades
BL280c, BL460c, BL465c, BL490c, BL495c, BL685

ProLiant Generation 5 Server Blades
BL2x220c, BL260c, BL495c, BL680c, BL685

Server Blades
BL460c, BL465c, BL480c, BL685c

Integrity Blades
BL860c, BL870c

HPE ProLiant pClass Blade Server Support

bl20p, bl25p, bl30p, bl35p, bl40p, bl45p

HPE Blade Chassis

C7000 and C3000 Chassis for c-Class Blades
p-Class Blade Chassis


With a background in computer engineering dating back to 1979, MCSA are in the unique position to offer a maintenance service second to none for HP Alpha Servers

Alpha Support

Alpha 1000, Alpha 1200, Alpha 2000, Alpha 2100,Alpha 300,Alpha 3000, Alpha 400, Alpha 4000, Alpha 4100, Alpha 800, Alpha DS10, Alpha DS15, Alpha DS20, Alpha DS20E, Alpha DS25

Mid Range Alpha Server Maintenance

Alpha ES40, Alpha ES45
Alpha ES47, Alpha ES80

High End Alpha Server Support

Alpha GS1280, Alpha GS140, Alpha 8200, Alpha 8400, Alpha GS80, Alpha GS160, Alpha GS320

VAX Support, VAX Maintenance, VAX Emulation

Our highly skilled engineers, many of whom have worked directly for the manufacturers, can provide a reliable DEC/Compaq/HP VAX break fix maintenance service for these mission critical systems.

Alternatively why not upgrade from your VAX to a VAX emulator. This is a software emulator that runs within Windows XP, 2003 or 2008 and provides an exact emulation of the VAX hardware. You can migrate from your old VAX hardware to a brand new Intel box with absolutely no code changes.  Find out more here >

HP9000 Server Maintenance, HP9000 Support Services

MCSA provides maintenance services for the HP9000 range of servers and desktops. All associated disk storage and tape libraries and SAN products are supported. We offer a truly independent high quality HP9000 maintenance service.

HP9000 Workstations

J Class, C Class, B Class

HP9000 High End Servers

K-Class – K100 – K580
A-Class – rp2400
L-Class – rp5400, rp5430, rp4440, rp5450, rp5470
N-Class – rp7400
T-Class – T500, T520, T600

HPE StoreVirtual P4000/legacy Lefthand & SAN iQ Support

MCSA is a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Partner Ready Gold Services provider, with experience in field service, installation and start-up on the HPE StoreVirtual P4000 / LeftHand storage products, delivering true life cycle management for these arrays

HP9000 Workgroup Servers

E-Class, F-Class, G-Class, H-Class, I-Class, D-Class

HP9000 Enterprise Server

rp7410, rp7420, rp8400, rp8420

SAN Storage Systems – SAN Maintenance

MSA500, MSA1000, MSA2000
RA3000, RA4100, RA7000, RA8000, RA10000, SW300
HSZ22, HSZ30, HSZ40, HSZ50, HSZ70, HSG80, 4314, 4354

EVA3000, EVA5000,
EVA4000, EVA6000, EVA8000
EVA4100, EVA6100, EVA8100
EVA4400, EVA6400, EVA8400
SAN Support

HP Integrity Server Support and Maintenance

MCSA provides sales and maintenance services for the high quality range of HP Integrity servers. Also all associated disk storage and tape libraries are supported

Integrity rx1620 and rx2620

The HP Integrity rx1620 can run one or two single 1.3Ghz or 1.6Ghz Intel Itanium processors with 3MB cache. This 1U Integrity server can be configured with up to 16GB of memory and supports up to 2 SCSI disk drives totaling 600GB when configured with 300GB drives. The HP rx1620 features 2 PCI-X slots. This versatile Itanium rx1620 server is capable of running HP-UX, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Linux, and OpenVMS.

Integrity rx3600

The HP Integrity rx3600 can run two dual-core 1.6 Ghz/18MB Intel Itanium processors. This Integrity server can be configured up to 192GB of memory and supports up to 8 SCSI disk drives totaling 2.4TB when configured with 300GB small form factor 2.5″ drives. The rx3600 can be configures to support 8 PCIx or 4 PCIx and 4PCIe slots. This versatile Itanium HP rx3600 is capable of running HP-UX, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Linux, or OpenVMS.

Integrity rx6600

The HP Integrity rx6600 can run 2-8 processor cores in 1.4GHz/12MB or 1.6 Ghz/18MB/24 Intel Itanium processor configurations. This Integrity server can be configured up to 384GB of memory and supports up to 16 HotPlug SCSI disk drives totaling 4.8TB when configured with 300GB small form factor 2.5″ drives. The rx6600 can be configured to support 8 PCIx or 8 PCIe slots. This versatile Itanium HP rx6600 is capable of running HP-UX, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Linux, or OpenVMS.

Integrity rx2660 and rx2800

The HP Integrity rx2660 can run one single-core 1.6 Ghz/12MB Intel Itanium processors or one or two dual-core 1.4Ghz/12MB or 1.66Ghz/18MB Itanium processors. This Integrity server can be configured up to 32GB of memory and supports up to 8 SCSI disk drives totaling 2400GB when configured with 300GB small form factor 2.5″ drives. The rx2660 features 8 SCSI (SAS)slots. This versatile Itanium HP rx2660 is capable of running HP-UX, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Linux, or OpenVMS

Integrity rx4640

The HP Integrity rx4640 Server can run up to 4 dual 1.1GHz processors (8 processors total) or up to 4 single 1.5GHz or 1.6GHz processors. The server supports up to 128 GB of memory. The rx4640 can support HP-UX, Linux, VMS, and Windows operating systems.

Single service provider for multivendor hardware break-fix
Flexible SLA’s 24×7 including 4 hour fix ‘call to resolution’
ITIL service delivery management
Customer portal access to log calls and track incidents
Single contract agreement to combine varying support options
24/7 monitoring & alerting
Firmware analysis recommendations
System health checks & patch management
Access to technology experts
Priority call escalation
TAM assigned to each customer
Scalable datacentre support
Engineer responds to every service call, we don’t use technical couriers
Nationwide coverage through our regional service centres
Multiple field stocking locations
Dedicated service delivery management SDM
Dedicated regional support engineers RSE


Looking for a reliable hardware maintenance service that will save you time and money? Send us your details and we will be in touch with a competitive quote.

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