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The Background

Maclay Murray & Spens is a national firm of Solicitors employing a total of approximately 500 staff, operating from four UK offices and practicing all forms of corporate law. The immediate history of the company has involved demonstrable growth, with MMS merging with a number of smaller practices and relocating all the offices to new premises where they have been since 2005.


The Challenge

When it came to considering a replacement IT maintenance provider it was crucial that high-quality service was at the top of the agenda for MMS. Crawford Hawley-Groat, IT Director at MMS explains, “Reputation is very important when considering the options for new service providers.

A member of the IT team had used MCSA in the past, and I had also discussed their credentials with my counterparts in other Scottish legal firms. MCSA’s engineering focus was the key differentiator; with their upfront commitment to fixing the problem and providing a consistent service rather than just taking our money.”


The Solution

MCSA provides maintenance and support for MMS’s business-critical servers, as well as the entire printer estate. These items are serviced on a four-hour fix contract supplied by MCSA, which ensures that the legal firm can continue its practice if any technical faults occur.

Crawford Hawley-Groat comments, “The server infrastructure is simply mission-critical. The implications of a fault which cannot be fixed very quickly present a significant loss of revenue and can have a negative impact upon our reputation. The service provided by MCSA gives us the confidence that should we encounter technical issues with a critical system, we will achieve a speedy resolution to the problem.”


The Benefits

A hassle-free and reliable service helps MMS avoid costly interruptions to business practice. The efficiency and technical expertise offered by MCSA’s team of engineers allows the IT team at Maclay Murray Spens to trust in the support service and remain focused on day-to-day activities.

Crawford Hawley-Groat comments: “Any problems we encounter are fixed first time: the MCSA engineers come to the office, address the problem and walk away, without having to coming back and fix the same problem again. This high-quality of service ensures that our employees trust the service provided, and that MCSA has buy- in across the organisation.”


The Results

Commenting on the importance of a service that allows the IT team to focus on day-to-day priorities, Crawford Hawley-Groat states, “For me, the most telling point about the MCSA service is that we never really talk about them! With previous suppliers, myself and my colleagues were forever discussing the intricacies of the service, going over details of performance and the contract in place. When it came to the first renewal of the MCSA contract we realised that we hadn’t even spoken about service levels at all. They simply provide a no fuss and no hassle service experience which runs smoothly and removes all elements of frustration for us as a customer.”

Crawford Hawley-Groat concludes, “This approach to service provision has certainly fulfilled all of our requirements, and MCSA’s reputation in the industry speaks for itself – I was recently chatting to a friend in a similar role in a completely different sector, only to discover that he too shares the same positive view of MCSA’s service and support.”