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Law Companies look to IT to help support their clients.


The safe storage of client data with the ability to access information when you need it where you need it is a challenge for all organisations and none more so than in the legal sector. When this is coupled with new legislation like GDPR and the economic uncertainty driven by the UK’s decision to leave the EEC makes this an uncertain time for the sector.

Law firms are rising to the challenge and evolving by delivering their services as professionally and efficiently as they possibly can by using innovation in IT and Technology. Technological innovations are reforming the legal sector and solicitors have huge opportunities to enhance the way they work and the service they offer with their IT strategy being key to their growth.


Like all industries each law firm will have differences in their business development focus and consequently have different IT strategies. Some are addressing the labour market and industry demands for flexible working practices, for others its advising on exporting to new territories, countries and continents and for others the opportunity is about offering greater value to ever more demanding clients. However, for all companies there is a growing focus is on the security of the data they hold and on ensuring it’s safety from cyber-attacks; a growing number of ransomware attacks are affecting companies around the globe, from the giant organisations across all industry sectors from manufacturing, banking and retailing to smaller, service based sectors, no one is free from risk.

Technology plays a bigger part than ever before – IT systems need to be more flexible and resilient than ever before, designed and configured to support the business processes, have the speed and capacity to cope with the fluctuating demands placed on it by ever more demanding staff and their clients.


Technology Solutions across the UK

At MCSA we have been supporting legal businesses for over 30 years, a trusted IT services and solutions provider – delivering high quality and value for money to several key players across the UK.

• Data Centre – IT Infrastructure
• On premise or cloud based
• Networking
• Digital mobility
• Managed Service
• Ensures a ‘business as usual’ operations by monitoring your infrastructure, ensuring data is secure and is resilient against ransomware attacks.