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OceanStor 5000 V5 Series Hybrid Flash Storage Systems

The next generation of hybrid flash storage systems specially built for enterprises and dedicated to providing reliable and efficient data services.

Delivering top line functionality, performance, reliability, efficiency and ease of use through the features such as; Cloud-ready operating system, flash-enabled performance, and an intelligent management software tool.

Fully satisfying the data storage requirements of larges databases, file sharing, cloud computing and many other applications. making it a perfect solution for many industries including; Government, Finance, Telecommunications, Food & Drink and Manufacturing.

Benefits of OceanStor Hybrid

1. Multi-level convergence: The built-in heterogeneous virtualisation function enables OceanStor V5 to take over storage arrays of other mainstream vendors, and integrate them into a unified resource pool. The data can be automatically migrated from third-party storage to Huawei solutions without disruption, this automatic migration tool reduces the migration time by on average 60%.

2. Excellent Performance: OceanStor V5 mid-range storage can intelligently sense HDDs and SSDs, automatically distinguish between media types, and dynamically select the optimal algorithms to provide a stable I/O response time, thereby ensuring the optimal performance of critical applications.

3. Flexible Scalability: OceanStor V5 mid-range storage can be equipped with a maximum of 8 controllers, 4 TB of cache, and 1,500 disk drives, providing the performance necessary to support customers ever-increasing demands.

4. Solid Reliability: Enabling load balancing of controllers and eliminating single points of failure, ensuring high system availability and stable service running. Multiple controllers can work simultaneously to accelerate services for one host, removing performance bottlenecks of a single controller and doubling performance.

5. Intelligent Services: With use of a hybrid-cloud storage solution for enterprises, that implements on-and off-premise resource collaboration and data mobility.


MCSA’s strategic relationship with Huawei adds their servers, storage, networking, cloud computing products and datacentre services to MCSA wide range portfolio. MCSA are also a 4* Certified Service Partner in IT (Server/Storage) and IP (Networks). Our strategic partnership represents to ongoing evolution of the company to broaden the options we can offer our customers to ensure they have the best service possible.

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