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HPE OneSphere

HPE OneSphere, a multi-cloud management service that will unify management across public clouds, on-premise private clouds and software-defined infrastructure. It will be intended to work for everyone across an organisation in all types of roles, allowing for work to be done collaboratively and faster.

Being an end-to-end multi cloud management platform it simplifies the management of multi-cloud environments and on-premises infrastructure. Through the unified view, IT can compose hybrid clouds capable of supporting both traditional and cloud-native applications.

Benefits of OneSphere

  • Control utilisation and spend across multiple clouds through real-time cross-cloud insights therefore increasing efficiency.
  • Enable faster app deployment and higher productivity by having role based access, and self-service access.
  • Pay-for-use subscription licensing model.
  • Agile as-a-service platform that provides access to all your clouds and apps on and off premise.
  • Deliver everything as a service with flexible resources and app management.
  • IT staff redeployed to new business-facing tasks.
  • Greater flexibility as able to be used with any public cloud provider, whilst also supporting a range of on-premise platforms.
  • More accurate assessment of resource utilisation, breaking down costs by cloud, site, line of business, application or subscriber.