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technology, people and medicine concept - group of doctors with tablet pc computers and clipboards meeting at hospital

IT will enable the NHS to deliver a revolution in healthcare


The NHS faces significant challenges in the years ahead, an aging population, tight money control and a public that continues to demand higher levels of care than ever before.

The challenge is being met on many fronts, the digitisation of patient records, collaboration with the major pharmaceutical companies and the development of individually tailored treatment plans. The overarching strategic objective is to transform the quality and delivery of patient care across the UK

At MCSA we have been supporting the NHS for over 30 years and are now working with them on solutions that deliver the right mix of technology and intelligence to deliver their strategic goal of maintaining their position as a world leader in the provision of a Healthcare for all those that need it, a connected network of readily available patient information, whether it is in the community field or hospital based.


Technology Solutions in the NHS

There are some significant challenges ahead for the NHS however with enabling technology the UK public can expect higher levels of professional care and more individually designed care programmes.

MCSA has been working with the NHS for over 30 years – a trusted IT services and solutions provider with the assurance that our presence on most of the major ‘framework’ agreements bring for the quality and value for money provided.

• Data Centre – IT Infrastructure
• On premise or cloud based
• Networking
• Digital mobility
• Systems resilience and systems Security