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GE Money

The Background

GE Money Home Lending (GEMHL) is one of the largest specialist lenders in the UK. The company offers tailored ranges of financial
options for first time buyer, self-employed, purchase and re-mortgage products to new customers who would otherwise find it difficult to arrange a mortgage through a high street lender.

The Challenge

GEMHL require a robust and well managed IT infrastructure, to ensure the continuity, availability and performance of its daily
operations. By getting this right, the company can experience greater staff efficiencies and is able to deliver optimal levels of customer
service. Historically the company maintained partnerships with a well known systems integrator, HPE and other technology vendors for the delivery and support of its IT infrastructure.

Their estate consisted of an HPE server estate, Cisco networking, ADIC backup and EMC Software platforms. When faced with
the liquidation of its previous IT supplier in 2013, GEMHL was prompted to re-assess and rationalise its supplier arrangements, their
goal was a reduction in the management of its multiple vendors and a lowering of the associated continuity risks. By consolidating their IT contract arrangements the company also saw the opportunity to achieve higher service levels together with procurement cost savings.

GEMHL looked for a partnership with a single maintenance and support services provider that could also deliver other IT services and products for future projects. MCSA was able to offer support for the whole IT infrastructure through this period of uncertainty and was rewarded for this assistance with the opportunity to tender for the overall maintenance and support services contract.

The Solution

MCSA participated in a highly competitive bid, winning against seven other vendors, the contract was ultimately awarded because of its proven quality of service, value for money, overall capability, vendor accreditations and engineering experience. The contract required MCSA to meet the very exacting stipulations set out in GE Capital’s framework, it included adherence to a detailed range of high performance SLA criteria – with strict non-performance penalties.

The Results

MCSA consolidated the management and support of GEMHL’s HPE, Cisco, ADIC and EMC technologies onto a single, more manageable platform. Warranty support and management for HPE Care-pack products, is provided by MCSAs exclusive Partner Ready Service Provider partnership with HPE. MCSA also delivered new processes including a one stop shop approach to simplify the process of the company’s call logging and support procurement.

GEMHL fully utilise the support services of MCSA, benefiting from on-site engineering services and consultative technical resources available for issues relating to HPE firmware updates and Cisco IP. The company also makes full use of the MCSA technical support as a sounding board for new systems and
solutions, by tapping into their broad product knowledge and advise to look for further cost savings and action new technology planning.

The Benefits

GEMHL is now experiencing a consolidated and well managed technology vendor estate that enables its IT infrastructure to be
available, and perform at optimum level – at all times. The company will also benefit from MCSA providing all the support and management processes, to ensure the IT infrastructure’s ongoing development continues – with almost zero continuity risks. The company’s processes, such as call logging, are also now vastly more efficient.

MCSA’s vendor management has liberated GEMHL’s IT resources to be utilised onto other projects. Importantly, MCSA’s overall support and management activities are generating significant cost savings for the company.

GEMHL quote, “We are really benefiting from MCSA’s superb IT support and management skills and have an expert partner that ensures
our IT operations are smoothly deliveredwith no impacting issues. Our IT environment is performing at a higher level and the resulting efficiencies and cost savings are great too. MCSA’s vast pool of technology expertise is also proving very helpful to us when we consult them on other projects.”