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Data Centre Maintenance Services

Fujitsu PrimePower Support and Maintenance

The MCSA Group provides maintenance services for the main range of Fujitsu PrimePower servers. Also all associated disk storage and tape libraries are supported. We offer a truly independent high quality Fujitsu maintenance.

Fujitsu PrimePower 250

The Fujitsu Primepower 250 2U Server is an eXtended architecture, 2U rackmount server with a two SPARC64 V processors and 2 internal scsi hard disk drives.

Fujitsu PrimePower 450

The Fujitsu Primepower 450 4U Server is a 4-way midrange rackmount server with up to four SPARC64 V processors in a compact 4U form factor.

Fujitsu PrimePower 650

The Fujitsu Primepower 650 server is a high performance midrange Unix system available in a rackmount (node) or floorstanding configuration, with up to eight processors and 32 GB main memory.

Fujitsu PrimePower 850

The Fujitsu Primepower 850 server is a 16U rackmount (node) midrange Unix system featuring an optimized crossbar architecture and enterprise class reliability features like dual power supply.