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Backup Recovery and Archive

Data Protector

Data Protector, a enterprise grade backup and disaster recovery solution for large, complex and heterogeneous IT environments. Built on a scalable architecture that combines security and analytics, enabling customers to cost-effectively and reliably meet their continuity needs.

Data Protector addresses the challenges of complexity, scalability and data security of today’s dynamic and diverse IT environments. Through it’s enterprise scale and security for both legacy and modern workloads, it helps to standardise and simplify data protections across your IT environment with an easily adaptive architecture including built-in security features, integrated reporting that can be smoothly scaled out for larger deployments.

Key Features

  • Instant recovery
  • Backup and recovery for virtual environments
  • Best-in class platform integrations
  • Zero downtime backup
  • Automated DR
  • Information retention
  • Integrated reporting
  • Built-in predictive analytics
  • Single view dashboard


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