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Infrastructure, Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Our Disaster Recovery (DR) offerings use best of breed products and services, to ensure quick and effective recovery and high data availability. This is underpinned by superior DR planning, testing using our experience and expertise.

We employ the latest, appropriate technology, such as virtualisation, to keep costs down. We can also reduce expense by recycling existing infrastructure, such as older servers, to support DR aspirations, including building an independent DR site for multi-site replication.

We are happy to support your existing team or take complete ownership of your DR from plan to implementation and test.


We can help you comply with privacy regulations and protect information assets by securing networks and allied infrastructure, as well as applications and databases, to improve business continuity.

We have vast experience with media encryption devices. Whether you are looking to consistently protect data on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, removable media or portable storage devices, our team has the expertise you can trust.

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