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Customer Testimonials

You can view or read here what our customers say about the services MCSA.

MCSA support many businesses in all sectors and our customers are happy to provide references on request.  If you can’t find a suitable reference here, please get in touch and we can arrange for you to obtain one.


A few kind words from our Customers

A collection of our customers from Lonestar, SECC Glasgow, Ultima and Logistex tell us how MCSA The Maindec Group have provided services for their business and customers.

Mark Pickin, Maintenance Sales Manager - Ultima Ltd

Ultima Business Solutions has evolved into one of the UK’s leading providers of secure, available and scalable IT infrastructure solutions to private and public sector organisations.

Alan Kerr, Head of IT - SECC Glasgow

Meet a MCSA Customer, Alan Taylor, Head of IT – SECC Glasgow.
The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) is Scotland’s premier national venue for public events, concerts and conferences. MCSA provides SECC with an extensive range of IT Support Services across a wide portfolio of server and storage vendors.


M7 Managed Services

Sharon Brookes, Systems and Software Maintenance Contracts Manager:

I would just like to thank MCSA for their professional support that was provided to our customer recently. The service desk gave regular updates to the customer during the repair and managed to sort out a problem of a server that had been dormant for several months. They were extremely happy with the service MCSA provided.

Sterling Furniture

Brian Dewar, Infrastructure and Server Administrator says:

A huge massive thanks / outstanding actions.

I wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone involved in helping to diagnose and resolve what has been the most bizarre network issues I have seen for a long time. A special shout to Tony / Stephen who stayed with us till the small hours this morning (and for answering when not on call) , and to Alex, Stephen and Gordon who continued to work on this until the situation was resolved. I can’t honestly convey how good it was to have you guys on our side and the speed at which we resolved this ( Take note B.A ).

I was going to ask for a DR exercise as we never tested fail over with a fully loaded environment. Consider that one checked off now as we know it all just works !!

Thanks again

Starkmann Limited

Dr Bernard A. Starkmann, Managing Director comments ““We have worked for many years with MCSA and fortunately have not had too many instances that have required a late finish to the day, however when we did, the MCSA engineers stayed until the issue had been resolved. I am very grateful that your organisation provides a working environment that allows your staff to be so highly motivated and professional in conducting their work. We got the disk restored shortly before midnight and I was able to sleep soundly knowing that my business could again function on the following day – that, as I am sure you can imagine, means a lot to me.”

Sword Apak, a market-leading supplier of financial systems software

Chris Shearwood, IT & Operations Manager comments, “Because of our previous relationship with MCSA they were the first choice when we terminated the vendor support contract. MCSA are more aligned with Sword Apak in terms of company size and turnover, which simply means that our business is important to them. We can be confident that calls are being logged and dealt with properly, and that our account manager is actively keeping an eye on any calls which come in and making sure that they are dealt with appropriately and efficiently.”

Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow (SECC)

Alan Taylor, Head of IT comments, “MCSA has implemented, continually maintained and provided support for the whole IT infrastructure at SECC Glasgow. Their expertise in HPE server technologies has offered us the assurance needed that business-critical infrastructure at SECC Glasgow can immediately be repaired.”

McGrigors, a top 50 UK law firm

Head of IT, Mike McGlinchey comments, “MCSA supports the business and helps ensure we are in continual operation, but more than this, the response times are always much quicker than the SLA windows we pay for. Couple with this the inherent flexibility of MCSA’s approach – with a focus very much on getting an issue fixed without focusing on contract detail – and you reach a different level of service provision entirely. It’s a cultural thing: you don’t want to be constantly battling with a supplier to get the job done. And with MCSA we have no concerns here.”

The White Company, a Multi-Channel Retailer

Marc Harper, Technical Service Delivery Manager comments, “For any large retailer, especially one with a significant online presence such as The White Company, IT underpins the successful operations of the business: we are only as good as the hardware which supports us. Our website currently takes over £33million in revenue annually, and in September last year all the hardware supporting the website was replaced – procured through, and implemented by, MCSA. Without MCSA’s reliable service, it would have been difficult to attain the website functionality required to gear up in time for the Christmas trading season.”

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

Jon Clark, Infrastructure Manager comments; “We have worked with MCSA on a number of projects over the years and they constantly impress us with their attention to detail and wiliness to go above and beyond.”

Synectics Solutions

Lee Bradbury, Head of IT Strategy & Transition comments “MCSA have proved to be an excellent partner in helping us to ensure that our data centre, storage and network capabilities are fit for purpose.”