Fight BLadder Cancer

MCSA are delighted to announce the launch of their 2019 charity of the year partnership with Fight Bladder Cancer. When our Group HR Manager, Susan Mullerworth was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2017 it was a devastating blow to her and we are thrilled that she is now back to full health and back to work.

Susan, like many bladder cancer patients had never before heard of the disease and didn’t realise that it was the 5th biggest cancer in the Western World or that 18,000 people in England alone are annually diagnosed with it.

Susan has been grateful to Fight Bladder Cancer for all the support they gave her during her recuperation and proposed that they should benefit from MCSA’s fundraising efforts over the coming year.

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Key objectives of Fight Bladder Cancer
  • Support: providing support to all those affected by bladder cancer
  • Awareness: raising awareness of the disease so it can be caught early
  • Research: less than 1% of the UK investment in cancer research is into bladder cancer – the charity is dedicated to campaigning for and supporting research into this much ignored disease.
  • Change: influencing policy at the highest levels to bring about change, both in enhancing treatment of patients, as well as in terms of economic investment in this disease.
Facts about Bladder Cancer
  • 18,000 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer each year in England alone.
  • There are more than 200 different types of cancer, and bladder cancer is the 5th most common in the western world. For men, it is the 4th most common in the UK.
  • The majority of people diagnosed with bladder cancer are over 70 years old, but people of all ages can also be affected by the disease.
  • About 3/4’s of those diagnosed are men, 1/4 diagnosed are women. However, women are 1.5-fold more likely to die from bladder cancer compared with men.
Previous Charities Supported

We look forward to working with our team at MCSA and clients during 2019 on fundraising for this fabulous organisation.

For more information about MCSA fundraising activities please email our HR team on:

For further information about Fight Bladder Cancer – visit

Registered Charity number: 1157763

Thank you for your support!