The Value of Apprenticeships

There is a growing concern across the UK that STEM skills aren’t developing fast enough to meet the increasing demands of our digital economy.  As companies rely more on IT for daily business functions, the need for well trained staff that are capable of utilising these technologies will grow. Technology will only ever be as good as those using it, so in order for companies to get the most out of their technology investments, they also need to invest in the staff who will be using it day to day. Apprenticeships are the perfect way to train young people up from the bottom, for them to learn as they go and develop into highly trained, knowledgeable experts in IT that the industry as a whole can benefit from.

Our Apprenticeship Scheme

Our own fully accredited apprenticeship scheme was introduced in 2011, an initiative that has proved successful in recruiting and developing a new generation of IT professionals into our business.

We envisage that over half of our new recruits in the upcoming years will be young talent ‘home grown’ within these programmes.

Why an IT Apprenticeship?

The IT industry is competitive and fast-paced, making it the perfect place to learn new skills and develop existing ones.

Apprenticeship schemes are a great way to get a foot in the door of the industry you want to work in, whilst also gaining invaluable experience that people can take with them throughout their career.

How Apprenticeships Work

Apprenticeships work as a two-way system, and businesses can often gain just as much from running apprenticeship schemes as the apprentices do.

Whilst the apprentice is being paid to learn and gaining lifelong experience and skills, fresh, young faces bring a welcomed change to business. We often look to our apprentices for a new outlook on the business and new ideas on processes which helps us to progress forwards with confidence and secure the future of the industry.

Our Apprenticeship Process

Our apprentices are given the freedom to choose which part of the business they are most interested in working in, once they have passed their initial qualifications.

As their courses progress, they often take a natural path in the direction they want to head – for example, security or hybrid IT.

This enables us to tailor the course depending on each individual apprentice, giving them the most valuable experience possible, and ensuring they are enjoying the work they are doing, and that they are gaining valuable skills that they will need for their futures and we will require as a business.


Interested in a future within IT? Find out more about our apprenticeship scheme here


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