The Blended Approach

What is the Blended Approach?

Although there are a number of companies that are able to offer maintenance support for your IT infrastructure, there are very few that are capable of combining that service with the underpinning benefit of a strong vendor relationship.

MCSA has dedicated its resources to building partnerships with leading vendors, such has HPE, Lenovo and Huawei, to the point where they have been accredited by the vendors as a trusted and certified third-party support provider.

This has been achieved by ensuring that our own engineers are trained to the level of vendor accreditation with continued development and training as technology progresses, alongside an overall partnership between MCSA and the vendor that has been built over the almost 40 years of engineering heritage.

The expert support that MCSA offer, combined with the seamless integration of vendor assured backing, is how MCSA deliver The Blended Approach to their clients.

What are the Benefits of a Blended Approach?

  • Having a blended support agreement will ensure that you have the appropriate level of governance and compliance to meet industry standards.
  • MCSA only use their own engineers to ensure that anyone that works on your IT estate is fully OEM trained.
  • Having a contract with MCSA will give you a single point of contact whilst still running a Multi-Vendor IT Infrastructure.
  • The relationship that MCSA have with multiple vendors offers the option of hardware escalation directly to the vendor where necessary.
  • Where Service Levels may vary between different vendors – having a maintenance contract with MCSA will ensure that your SLA’s are tailored to your business to match your requirements, as they work on a 24/7/365 support basis.
  • A blended support will ensure that your IT environment works together under one umbrella contract, rather than multiple contracts that might not fit together seamlessly.
  • Whereas with a direct vendor agreement you may not build a rapport with that company, with MCSA you will have a dedicated delivery manager and engineers that genuinely care about your business.

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