What a ‘No Deal’ Brexit Means for MCSA

With the conclusion of the Brexit agreement imminent, we’ve been receiving a lot of enquiries from our Partners as to what a ‘no deal’ Brexit would mean for MCSA and the services we provide.

To help put your minds at ease – we’ve answered the big questions:


What potential impacts do you foresee affecting delivery of the contract as a result of Brexit?

We do not consider Brexit having any impact upon our ability to deliver services on your support contract.

What measures are you implementing in place to mitigate any impacts? (including supply chain issues)

MCSA Group holds approximately £4 million pounds worth of spares in our warehouses around the UK. We continually review our stock levels to ensure we meet our contractual service level agreements. We are also in contact with our major suppliers e.g. HPE, to confirm that replacement stock is available.

How is your company preparing to deal with any delays in performing your contractual duties which arise?

MCSA Group does not foresee any delays in performing our contractual duties. MCSA has a wide range of suppliers based in the UK, EU and other non-EU countries. So we have multiple routes to source our required spares.

What mechanisms will you put in place to provide us with due notice of potential issues in the performance of contract?

Your MCSA Account Manager will be in touch if we detect any issues that might lead to a potential impact on our service delivery capabilities.

What if any long term impacts on your business do you foresee as a result of Brexit?

There may be changes to import tariffs to equipment spares and supply. As these come in from around the world there may be a lowering of tariffs to some regions and an increase of tariffs to other regions, thereby potentially balancing out any impact.

If you have any further questions surrounding Brexit or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always happy to help.

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