HPE extend AI-driven operations for HPE ProLiant, Apollo and Synergy Servers

Great news! HPE InfoSight extends select predictive analytics and recommendation capabilities to HPE servers, enabling smarter, self-monitoring infrastructure.

HPE have announced this month that they are extending HPE InfoSight, an industry-leading cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) management tool to its ProLiant, Apollo and Synergy Servers. With global learning and predictive analytics capabilities based on real-world operational data, HPE InfoSight drives down operating costs, closes disruptive performance gaps and frees IT staff to innovate.

With the fast pace modern businesses are moving, where access to real-time data and insights has become an imperative, they cannot afford to waste time or resources on problems that could have been prevented, especially those that impact productivity and the bottom line. with the use of HPE’s InfoSight AI management tool this can solve the challenge, constantly monitoring infrastructure, identifying potential problems and providing insights to resolution.

Operational intelligence is gathered from the infrastructure by analysing millions of sensors across a globally-connected installed base, and using behavioural data provides trend insights, forecasting and recommendations, to predict and prevent problems. The result is higher efficiency and reliability, creating a smarter, easier-to-manage infrastructure for your business.

The benefits of using HPE InfoSight are already being enjoyed by others where they are seeing operational costs decreasing by as much as 79%, trouble tickets resolved in 85% less time, and 86% of issues automatically predicted and resolved before a problem is identified. By extending HPE InfoSight capabilities for use on servers it provides a single AI-driven framework to be able to monitor, collect and analyse rich data from across the entire infrastructure stack.

Interested in finding out more about HPE Infosight, an indsutry-leading cloud-based AI management tool, or any of HPE’s infrastructure solutions, please feel free to Contact Us where one of our team will be happy to help.

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