What does 2019 hold for IT businesses and budgets?

In our previous blog Paul Timms, Managing Director at MCSA, shared his technology predictions for this year. Based on our almost 40 years’ experience, here he looks at the trends expected for 2019 across both business needs and IT budgets.

A major trend will be the continued emergence of departmentalised IT, where user departments are taking control and becoming responsible for their own IT services. This is having repercussions on the traditional notion of centralised IT department in terms of spending, expertise and resourcing while allowing individual departments to cater to their individual needs.

For a business it remains imperative to operate with a smart and secure network with connectivity remaining key. High speed and effective networks will be needed as businesses and clients expect information to be retrieved quickly. A critical consideration will be fast connections that are reliable. We can also expect to see businesses looking for unified communications across the business in response to a demand for better communication from all areas of the organisation.

When it comes to budgetary planning, organisations are looking for contracts where the total cost includes service level agreement. As the market for consumption-based models continues to grow businesses will want to protect against fluctuating budget costs.

Cost management remains an ongoing issue and this isn’t expected to change moving forward. IT leaders will continue to look for the best value options, and cheaper hardware solutions are making it possible for devices to work harder for longer. The result is the increased spend on software solutions that offer lower lifecycle cost and AI is allowing information to be accessed quicker and easier.

While some IT provision is being integrated into individual departments, we are seeing the role of IT managers evolving into Contracts Managers, with greater responsibility for decision making and supply chain. Service integration and management is becoming an increasing focus for IT departments as we move towards more contract IT services, and there is a move towards IT managers managing expense budgets rather than large capital budgets.

As technology, budgets and business continue to change at a rapid pace, IT provision must ensure it keeps up to speed. Whether this means moving from a traditional centralised IT function to decentralised departmental IT or changing focus to prioritise software over hardware, we are seeing several key trends emerging that can help plan and prepare for the future.

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