Four key technology predictions for 2019

As we move into a new year, many IT professionals will be reviewing what’s working well, and what might be the next big thing in IT. There are several considerations when it comes to the key future trends for business IT. Here Paul Timms, Managing Director at MCSA, shares four predictions for major technology IT trends for this year and beyond.  

  1. The rise of AI

Across all facets of life will see AI become more widely accepted and expected in business. The ever-increasing amount of data means organisations will become more dependent on AI technology for data management and analysis.  AI can improve the user experience, whether that’s through chatbot integration or service automation, and we can expect to see this type of technology continue to rise throughout 2019 and beyond.

  1. Prioritising cybersecurity

As businesses continue to become cloud based the risk of a major data breech will also increase. New research shows up to 94% of customers could fall victim to a major data breech within the next two years, and therefore cybersecurity will remain a priority moving forward. With evolving technology and IT set up, businesses must constantly assess their security provision to ensure safety for the business and customers.

  1. Focusing on mobile device management (MDM)

The overall role of MDM is to increase device security, functionality and supportability, while maintaining user flexibility always. In modern corporate IT environments, the increasing number of managed devices have resulted in businesses looking to implement this type of management system. We can expect to see organisations focus attention on MDM throughout this year to manage devices and users in a consistent and scalable way.

  1. Migration to the cloud

We will continue to see the need for efficiencies driving infrastructure. As a result, migration to the cloud will be a continuing trend in 2019. For a business it is important to assess their own individual needs and adopt the best approach for them, and any growing capacity requirements. Azure and Amazon Web Services continue to lead the market in cloud migration and that’s unlikely to change soon.

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