The benefits to CIOs of working with a Managed Services Provider

Today’s CIOs face a number of conflicting pressures: ensuring value for money, delivering an efficient and effective service, making sure they have the relevant skills in place and, of course, keeping IT services secure and running smoothly.

Many CIOs are now recognising that Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are evolving as a way for them to respond to a number of these pressures by offering a number of major benefits.

Extend your team of skilled IT experts

Finding, training and retaining the level of IT expertise you need can be a challenge. What’s more, with increasingly diverse technologies, you will need a vast breadth of skills to ensure all your future IT needs are met. Outsourcing certain services can be a big boost to your internal IT team, allowing them to focus on their day to day job, with the support of external professionals.

Increased security

Cyber security is high up on every CIO’s agenda. Working with a trusted MSP can help businesses ensure they have appropriate back-up and recovery plans in place, to minimise downtime. Managed service providers will offer round the clock monitoring of services to ensure any issues are rapidly dealt with and your business keeps running as normal.

Tailored technology solutions

MSPs can help your team become more efficient by giving them access to new hardware, software and efficient ways of working. You can easily scale your requirements, and implement new technology quickly and easily, integrating seamlessly into existing systems to ensure your business is always operating at its optimum level.

Cost control

A managed service provider can allow you to buy your IT infrastructure on an ‘as-a-service’ model, meaning you get and pay for what you actually need. This can be reviewed frequently as you scale up or down to ensure value for money is always delivered.

Whilst MSPs keep everything running smoothly, organisations can concentrate on the productivity of their own team. With reduced downtime, robust back-up systems, day-to-day support from the experts and advice on how to make the best use of the technology available, businesses will become more efficient and better equipped for the future.

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