How to prepare your business for digital transformation in 2018

Organisations looking to maintain a competitive edge in 2018 are embracing new technologies and adopting new working methods, and this is bringing about a cultural shift across UK businesses, says Terry Storrar, our Director of Managed Services.

Digital transformation – the new buzzwords for 2018 – responds to a change in consumer demand, technological advances and increased competition by enabling a new type of business innovation. But transforming a business to optimise efficiency and productivity is no mean feat. Moving away from a traditional, rigid hierarchical structure to a more flexible, collaborative way of working can be a struggle. It’s not only the new IT systems and equipment that people must adapt to, but also to a transformed business culture.

Here are three steps to how you can prepare your business for digital transformation

  1. Face the fear

All major changes in the workplace can bring about resistance and fear from employees. Individuals may be worried about being replaced by new technology; departments may be concerned about sharing data; and management teams may be apprehensive about the effect on productivity and morale. Addressing these concerns is a chance to allay fears, demonstrate the new opportunities available to everyone and explain the new vision to progress the organisation.

  1. Adopt a consultative approach

Inviting your staff to contribute towards digital transformation will allow for a future working environment that is reflective of their choices. Input from staff on key factors such as tools and apps, will provide a valuable insight into how they work, foster cross-department collaboration and may reveal new ideas to boost efficiencies.

  1. Empower your employees

Enhancing the knowledge of your staff should be one of the first steps in digital transformation. It is imperative that IT departments are trained in how to keep new systems secure and effective – a trusted multivendor IT provider can offer invaluable advice. Education must also take place with the wider team about how they can make best use of the tools available, enhancing their skill set and boosting both their own career development as well as company productivity and efficiency.

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