What is Hybrid IT and could it be right for your business?

The pressure on businesses to evolve rapidly to stay competitive in our modern, fast-paced world can lead to a chaotic mix of hardware platforms that are costly, high risk and difficult to manage. Claire Johnson, our Account Manager, explains that by choosing the right IT set up and support options to avoid disruption to the business, you can solve your most pressing issues and prepare for future success.

Hybrid IT combines the right mix of traditional IT, private cloud and public cloud to meet your business and IT challenges. As your business needs change, so will your mix of hybrid IT.  In practice, this means you can maintain legacy systems and integrate new technologies where needed and where appropriate.

A Traditional IT set up meets many customers’ needs, with IT equipment and responsibility for its security and management sitting with in-house IT teams.  MCSA can:

  • Support equipment past vendors’ specified End Of Life dates
  • Work with customers to define requirements, then design and deploy upgrades to an existing IT estate
  • Offer managed services so customers can focus on innovation and running their business
  • Provide business continuity services that will ensure that equipment is back up and running within required recovery time objectives (RTOs)

Customers’ workplaces are not always the ideal location for their IT infrastructure, so going for a Co-Lo set up – using a designated remote data centre with the relevant security and resilience around power and cooling – ticks the box.  Customers are still responsible for managing that remote physical infrastructure and should also have a Business Continuity plan in place.

MCSA can:

  • Provide remote hosting for customers around the UK at designated data centres
  • Offer an overlay of monitoring and management of these hosted systems
  • Assist with a technical roadmap to refresh physical equipment as this will reach the end of its support life from the vendor at some point
  • Provide business continuity services that will support the business if they suffer loss of data/loss of access to their systems

Over time we have seen an increased number of moves by customers of their environments into the Public Cloud.  This is attractive from an economic perspective where the payment model is pay per use.  Public Clouds also allow business to “take to market” new innovation much quicker than with a traditional IT method.  However, there are some downsides for some businesses making this move, with security being a key concern.

MCSA can:

  • Assist customers in evaluating a potential move towards Public Cloud
  • Assist with management once transitioned, as many customers wish for assistance around provisioning of new services

For many years, customers have been managing their own Private Clouds, enabling them to provision new machines more quickly than in a traditional, on premise IT set up, whilst managing their internal data and security protocols.  However, this can result in complex solutions which must be managed internally. Many businesses find themselves having to make an investment in a Private Cloud based solution on a prediction of their future needs – for example, in 3 years’ time the business will require X TB’s of storage, X amount of connectivity and X number of servers. Generally, this is achieved either via a Capex payment made upon delivery or an Opex model where the cost is broken down into monthly installments.

MCSA can:

  • Design, deploy, support and manage these environments for our customers
  • Offer our customers a scalable economic model where they pay for only the capacity they use, not the capacity they may want to deployed in future
  • Provide business continuity, designed and tested to support customers’ Private Clouds

To find out how MCSA can assist you in choosing the right Hybrid IT mix for your business, please get in touch on 01628 810 977 or Contact Us Here

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