5 reasons Device as a Service could be the right choice for your business

Author: Terry Storrar, Director of Managed Services

It seems we’re consuming everything on a monthly subscription basis these days – from mobile phones to cars and streaming services, says Terry Storrar, our Director of Managed Services.

IT service providers are following this trend by providing a number of ‘as a service’ offerings, including everything from cloud to infrastructure. It’s now commonplace to spread some IT costs – such as Microsoft and other software application licences – via monthly subscriptions. Now, organisations can choose to purchase their IT devices on this basis.

For many businesses, there are a number of positives to the DaaS model:

  1. By shifting device purchases from capital expenditure to monthly operational costs, companies get greater stability and visibility on their IT costs.
  2. The ability to deploy devices only as needed is also an attraction, facilitating companies in scaling up or down in line with the needs of the business.
  3. In a downsizing situation, a DaaS provider takes back surplus devices, and can also manage the safe retirement of devices including deletion of sensitive data.
  4. Organisations can refresh devices more quickly and upgrade to new technologies more easily.
  5. DaaS providers have the ability to predict and prevent hardware failures through enhanced analytics, meaning companies can be assured of having reliable devices at all times.

Ultimately, free from the day to day burden of managing and maintaining devices in the first place, DaaS means your inhouse IT team can focus on looking at how the current world of IT can help and improve your business.

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