Business as usual – is your organisation ready to fend off a cyber attack?

In this day and age, where cyber attacks are unfortunately all too commonplace, dealing with hacks and ensuring the robustness of your IT infrastructure must be part of an organisation’s business continuity strategy. Read advice from Terry Storrar, our Director of Managed Services.

Risk assessment

Every organisation should have a process in place involving the regular review of cyber security risks from Board level down through the rest of the organisation. Remember most security breaches are due to human error so it’s important to keep all staff well-informed and regularly trained to avoid a threat to your IT systems.

Be Vigilant

Prevention is always better than cure, so vigilance should be an essential part of the strategy. You should be working with your IT managed service provider to ensure that you are always following up to date best practice guidelines and pro-actively question your set-up and the associated risks. It’s also important to design your business continuity plan to ensure the minimum possible exposure to risk.

Senior management ownership

Your business continuity plan needs an executive owner/sponsor who has the experience and clout to get things done.  All action plans should be regularly reviewed at board level so that all the risks and organisational implications are visible and planned for to avoid the plan’s implementation being hampered by budget constraints.

Our specialists can help you to navigate the changing technology landscape and give practical, expert advice in order to mitigate cybersecurity risks and future-proof your business.

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