What is EOSL and what does it mean for your equipment?

Like anything, your IT equipment won’t last forever.  When hardware is considered at ‘the end of its useful lifespan’, vendors like EMC will stop selling and marketing the product. But End-of-Life (EOL) from a vendor perspective does not mean End-of-Life from an end user perspective.


For most end users, the milestone of concern is actually the End-of-Service-Life. This occurs when support, either primary or extended, is no longer offered by the vendor. Let’s use EMC as an example – we’ve taken a look at the support milestones for EMC equipment.

1. First Support Contract Renewal

Initial support contract renewals with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) take place three years after product purchase. After this timeframe, OEM’s like EMC are inclined towards promoting options for replacing the old equipment with new hardware, making the prospect more appealing by drastically increasing the costs to support your EOSL equipment. Don’t give in to thinking you need a hardware refresh. By investing in a third-party maintenance provider like MCSA, you can save up to 60% on EMC support prices. This means you can keep your equipment in your data centre for as long as you want it – not when the OEM dictates!

2. Second or Third Support Contract Renewals

EMC can provide support for their equipment for at least five years of product ownership. Beyond this timeframe not only do costs for OEM support increase, but SLA’s become less flexible. A third-party maintenance provider will give you the same high quality of service with enhanced SLA’s at a reduced cost to your business.

3. Extended OEM Support

When your equipment reaches EOSL, your options for support available from EMC begin to taper off.

After this point in the product lifecycle, EMC can offer extended support options. However, these options tend to cover only six months at a time – at a premium cost. Vendors are reluctant to offer an extended lifespan of your hardware, they want you to buy their new products!  Now is a good time to move away from their extended support. Third-party support providers can give you much better value for this stage of your equipment’s life.

What should I look for when moving on from OEM support?

Your new third-party maintenance provider should offer comprehensive service level agreements that give you the same level of service – or better – compared to the OEM. Take some time to consider which SLAs are most important to you, whether that is 24x7x365 coverage or a 4-hour fix.

Make sure that your new third-party provider has trained engineers for your hardware. Our experienced MCSA engineers ensure you are getting the highest level of support for your systems.

If you are looking for a new third-party support provider for your EOSL EMC equipment, take a look at our EMC support services or give us a call on 01628 810977 to discuss your options.

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