Three tips for better Storage Infrastructure

Storage is an essential part of any business IT infrastructure. It is the business backbone, and if it isn’t optimised for the business or performing at full capacity, it could have a knock on effect on operations.

Paul McQueen, Public Sector Account Manager at MCSA, is on the frontline of helping our customers with their IT infrastructure. He hears first hand about the issues and challenges they face when it comes to storage, so he has shared his top tips for ensuring that your next storage does the best for your business.


Understand your business
Really get under the skin of your business and understand its needs. Try and establish what the objectives might be over a three to five year period. This will ensure that any solutions you choose will be sustainable and flexible should you need to migrate to other sites. Don’t forget about the financial side of things too – if you have a budget to work with, make sure this is clear from the outset.


Evaluate your solutions
There are many credible manufacturers, so take the time to establish which one is best for your business. Perhaps you have always used the same vendor, however changing to a new supplier may mean you find a storage solution that is a better fit for your business. Be aware of emerging trends too – many of our customers are now interested in storage on demand models, which can be a more flexible solution for businesses.


Plan, plan, plan
Too often, we meet customers who simply haven’t engaged early enough for the plan they have in place. For big organisations, storage projects can take months, even years to complete, so it’s crucial you engage early! We also face issues with limited capacity, where the project hasn’t been planned correctly so halfway through, our IT teams find they are running out of capacity. This can grind projects to a halt! Ensure everything is pre-planned and in place before embarking on a new project.


What issues do you face with your storage? MCSA could help you find a solution that’s right for your business – contact us now!

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