Q&A with MD, Paul Timms: announcing our Huawei Partnership


It’s shaping up to be an exciting year for us here at MCSA! With the recent launch of our new NOC, we are now pleased to announce our new vendor partnership with Huawei.

As experts in the data centre environment with a focus on high-quality customer service, Huawei are a great partnership fit for us. We sat down with Paul Timms, Managing Director at MCSA to find out exactly what the partnership means for us and our customers.


Can you explain why has MCSA chosen to partner with Huawei?

It was essentially a customer choice – some of our customers had come forward looking for something new and different with a strong proposition, so as part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, we wanted to make sure we were providing the most relevant vendors to our customer base. We consider our partners carefully, so the uptake in customers looking for and using Huawei means we are able to give them access to specific options through the partnership. Huawei technology and solutions also make it straightforward for us to implement and we have found that their products are both high quality and good value for money.


What does the partnership mean for your customers?

As a company with a services first strategy, we have always provided our customers with a real value offering. This approach is in our DNA, so I see the Huawei partnership as another consolidation of our efforts to service our customers end to end, maintaining the systems and in a number of cases, also delivering managed services. All of this means that our customers can carry on their business as usual without having to worry about their IT systems. Our multi-vendor services capability is also a huge benefit to our customers – we can maintain existing in-house IT estates and we can transition them to the ‘latest and greatest’ over a period of time. Going forward, our customers will continue to benefit from our experience and wide-ranging service support.


And what does the partnership mean for MCSA?

As a partner, Huawei complement our business values. Their wealth of experience within the critical data centre environment means we can continue to deliver exceptional customer service in that area. And as Huawei are absolutely focused on supporting our customers, they can rely on us to deliver the best solution for the best price.

Our engineers have also undertaken a great deal of technical training with Huawei. In our team, we already have a HCIE qualified engineer. We are also one of very few partners within Europe to have achieved this high level of certification outside of China, so this puts us in a very good position for Huawei skill sets in the UK.


Finally, how do you see the partnership progressing?

We are already in discussions with Huawei on how we can use their technology to underpin private cloud offerings for our customers now and into the future. The partnership is all about giving customers options that work for them, answering the calls of our customers that want to make the most out of their budgets, which means the partnership can progress in the direction that our customers need.


Want to hear more about our new partnership and what it can offer you? Get in touch.




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