What’s in store for storage?


The connected world is fast expanding so greater volumes of data are being stored as more information hungry routes such as digital patient records, CRM systems and warehouse management systems push to the forefront. The reality is that storage clearly needs to be continuously reviewed at a business level, Paul, McQueen, Public Sector Account Manager, explores what trends are set to shape the storage market in the future?

Embrace the cloud
The cloud is an inevitable step for storage, so we are beginning to see more of our customers consider these off site solutions. Many of them opt for a Hybrid Solution in order to maintain control over their networks and there will likely be a shift towards this mentality in 2017. The Public Sector in particular has begun to drive this forward, comparing the solutions to their current, traditional technologies and seeing wider benefits.

Storage on demand
We predict that there will be an increase in businesses migrating to a storage on demand model this year, enabling them to pay according to usage on a monthly basis. The flexibility is appealing because it allows businesses to increase or decrease the amount of storage they require dependant on their needs each month. This is a particularly useful solution for those who experience peak periods throughout the year.

Storage isn’t showing any sign of slowing; with the need for storage, management and dissemination of information for businesses, data centres – cloud or on premise – will manage this. Data centres and related technologies are seeing huge investments so the technologies used will increasingly have to support greater scale.

As well as this, the amount of IT resources required to manage and maintain data centres is expected to change. This means that companies will need to consider how well advised they are in terms of managing and designing out critical platforms to ensure they are well placed to use the latest storage technologies to their advantage.

…and beyond?
It’s inevitable that storage is going to become more cloud driven in the next five to ten years, whether that be entirely or through Hybrid Solutions. However, many of our customers still want to keep much of their infrastructure on site particularly within the public sector, so this change may take a while to be fully adopted.
But one thing is for sure, storage technologies very much depend on the industry and business in question, so without a crystal ball in hand it’s still very much a case of wait and see…

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