Project management: It’s not rocket science

Being in charge of a client account is no easy task , you have to have an in depth understanding of the customer, enough technical knowledge to help them understand what the best process is, and have enough insight to determine what needs to be done to ensure the project is brought in on time, to an agreed budget and ultimately delivers the benefits agreed for the project.
So this got us thinking about the traits of a good project manager and more importantly the best traits of our project managers.
Here are just a few!


Forward planning
From the moment a project manager meets their customer at the kick-off meeting, they need to be thinking beyond the first and even second project. It is important to get an insight into any future projects, and how they link, down the line to and ensure they have not only the right team and all the resources in place to deliver the project.

Regular contact
Communication is key and regular contact with customers is essential. From the outset, the PM needs to know about deadlines, timelines and on-going projects. More importantly, they need to position themselves as the day-to-day point of contact, so the customer can direct any concerns or questions to them straight away.

Technical knowledge and experience
This one is key. It is important that your project manager is not only good at organisation, forward planning and communicating, but also good at understanding what you actually need. All of our project managers have a technical background and can easily understand the issues you are facing and provide the most appropriate solution. This technical knowledge will also help when it comes to suggesting new ideas, plans for future projects and implementing processes that may have worked with other clients.

Seeking to improve
Every customer is very different so project managers must be flexible in their approach, tailoring the relationship to their needs. In addition to this a good project manager will take those abilities and learning’s from other customers and use them to apply new ways of working across other accounts. It is important not to stand still and if innovations are being used elsewhere then you should look at rolling them out to others than may benefit from them too.

What do you think?
Do you recognise these traits in your project manager? If not, get in touch and maybe we can help.


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