Third Line Escalation – The Value of Blended Support

Organisations are now 100% reliant on an increasingly complex, multi-layered IT infrastructure – and finding the right support partner is key. But what is the best approach: opt for a third party that can bring independence and cross platform expertise? Or rely on a vendor such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) with access to a depth of product specific knowledge? As Omar Hussain, Services Alliance Manager, MCSA explains, with direct access to HPE third line support, MCSA can offer customers the best of both worlds.


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With increasingly complex IT infrastructures, interoperability issues can create problems that are both significant and hard to diagnose. While the vast majority of IT problems can be resolved by Level 1 or Level 2 support engineers, in rare but critical cases, escalation to Level 3 expertise is required – fast.

When a major hardware failure occurs that affects essential business operations, the root cause of the problem could be anything from a VMware glitch to an inconsistency caused by a basic network upgrade. Fast resolution demands not just experienced Level 3 engineers but also up to date understanding about emerging interoperability issues. This is where MCSA’s direct access to Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Level 3 experts makes the difference.

As an HPE Gold Services Specialist for the Partner Ready Services program, MCSA has immediate access to expertise and resources that simply is not available to other service providers. These HPE experts are not only highly trained and highly skilled – as are MCSA’s Level 3 engineers – but they have the benefit of continually updated information from around the world about emerging interoperability issues.

From firmware to patches and machine code changes, it is HPE’s understanding of dependencies and how to resolve issues that makes the difference. This is not information freely available yet is key to achieving urgent resolution of many Priority One or Two issues. Working together, MCSA’s Level 3 experts can share their knowledge of the customer’s site and infrastructure with HPE’s Level 3 experts’ knowledge of the extensive HPE product set to create a clear resolution plan.

Building Skills
For those organisations with a clear preference for a third party implementation and support partner rather than working direct with a specific hardware vendor, this immediate access to top line skills is invaluable. The ability to work with one company for every aspect of the solution – from discovery workshops to design, to specification, installation, configuration and support – ensures an organisation can build trust in a single supplier, in the consultants, engineers and support staff.

In addition, in a continually evolving technology landscape this long term partnership ensures skills are continually being enhanced. MCSA was one of HPE’s first Gold Services Specialists for the Partner Ready Services and is still one of the only partners to hold the accreditation in the UK With regular reviews and a stringent biannual audit, HPE expects MCSA to meet high standards across diagnosis, technical support and management. The reviews also look to highlight opportunities for improvement in both support processes and skills – indeed the relationship ensures MCSA has access to a range of partner specific training courses that are key to continually building engineers’ skills and keeping their certifications up to date.

In the vast majority of cases, support issues can be resolved by Level 1 or 2 engineers – and even if Level 3 expertise is required, MCSA’s knowledge combined with experience of a customer’s infrastructure is enough. But on those rare occasions when vendor specific insight is required, the ability to gain rapid access to top line HPE expertise is invaluable. A blended support model delivers the a best breed of solution.

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