MCSA appointed by Sword Apak to develop and support their IT infrastructure


Following a competitive tender, global software solution provider to the banking and wholesale finance sectors, Sword Apak, appointed MCSA to oversee their new international storage project. Sword Apak has a continuous improvement scheme in place to ensure constant first-class services and security to its global client base, and therefore took the decision to upgrade servers and storage to the latest HPE enterprise level hardware to provide added capacity and performance.

Working alongside Sword Apak’s IT management and technical team, MCSA proposed a new HPE storage array, supported by a HPE StoreOnce backup solution. The concept was tested in Germany and further performance tested against proposals from other suppliers. The results showed the MCSA proposal outperformed other potential suppliers, delivering improved speed and efficiency at a competitive cost. Sword Apak extended the project to include a similar configuration for its data centres in New Jersey and Arizona, USA.

“Sword Apak is dedicated to ensure the best service to our clients,” comments Chris Shearwood, Operations Director at Sword Apak, “Upgrading our server and storage environments internationally will provide capacity for both new and existing business, while also delivering improved levels of service.”

Thus far, the results show improvements in speed, resilience and power and provide room for further growth when required.

An MCSA spokesperson commented, “We are delighted to be developing even closer business ties with Sword Apak; our relationship extends over the 20 years we have been supporting their infrastructure. Our strategic approach to account development has allowed us to progress from supporting their legacy equipment like the DEC VAX systems and LPS20 printers, to providing maintenance on their storage and Networks and now to the supply, installation and provision of professional services.”

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