The Changing IT World

The IT world continues to change, becoming more complex with a wider variety of infrastructure options, Paul Timms, Managing Director of MCSA Group which includes Maindec and CSA Waverley brands, offers his insight on the future

The Enterprise IT channel is a strange beast, we are told that we live in changing times and it is changing faster than ever with the fastest growth in outsourcing our infrastructure to the cloud and accepting software as a service. My feeling is that we in the IT sector don’t need to look back; there is great value in looking forward and progressing at a considered pace.

Whilst I tend to agree that the future is ever increasing in end user touch points and that cloud enables this, I am also encouraged to see that many enterprise level IT teams are not getting caught up in the hype and actually carefully assessing what makes sense for their business. This means that for now much of the landscape at the infrastructure level is evolution not revolution.

The underpinning critical enterprise solutions that we rely on are still revered by the many IT leadership teams that we work with, because they really understand why the systems do what they do and how the business relies on them to deliver. We are finding that these IT teams really want a trusted IT Support and Solutions company to work with, and alongside them, to underpin their own skills and provide flexible support for their infrastructure. More than that, the new breed of IT support partner must understand the Cloud in all its forms – whether its physical, in a remote DC or in a hyper-scale provider like MS Azure, or equivalent, Hybrid cloud platform. The support provider of tomorrow needs to understand a lot more than just how to change a disk.

This evolution we have seen in the break fix market is also being driven by the vendors who covet quality service providers more than ever, looking to protect their IP and the amount of feature enhancement built in to the current hardware. Vendors are encouraging end users to have a route back to them, either directly or, as in our case as a trusted partner, who have met the highest levels of training and accreditation set by them.

This gives customers a choice – the simple broker/maintainer option might be cheap, but if it doesn’t have the full skills and accreditations to equip them to deliver the right service when it really matters, its value is limited. – We see the increasing interactions between traditional infrastructure, networks and Cloud bringing in a new level of complexity, where having the wrong support can result in very expensive outages and downtime for the business.

As IT teams evolve into the new way of creating their critical IT infrastructure I am glad to see many taking the time to assess their support partners using factors such as quality, experience, fronting vendor support, project and supply on board as much as cost ever was. Keeping the existing DC going is as important as choosing the right way ahead – by selecting the right supplier and support team there is no rush!