SME The MCSA Group – awarded single supplier status on Scottish Procurement’s new Server Maintenance Framework

IT service provider The MCSA Group has been appointed to Scottish Procurement’s single supplier Server Maintenance framework agreement which will provide these services to Scotland’s public sector.

The MCSA Group hopes to deliver its services across local government, education, national government and arm’s-length public bodies during the two-year agreement (with options to extend for two further 12 month periods). The framework which is thought to be worth between an estimated £4 to £8m over a potential four year period and had six other companies alongside The MCSA Group in the running.

Services offered include, but are not limited to, server hardware maintenance, identification of failure reasons, warranty management, and the installation of replacement hardware and components.

The MCSA Group’s managing director Paul Timms told CRN “Our second home is in Scotland, our biggest team is in Scotland and we have done a lot of good work for Scotland. We have won government opportunities in the past, and being successfully appointed on Server Maintenance shows The MCSA Group are going from strength to strength”.

“The hard work has been done and the Scottish public sector can now expect a good service at a good value,” he said.

The Scottish Government will benchmark pricing that will ensure The MCSA Group remain competitive throughout the duration of the framework, Timms added.

“The point of this framework is that Scottish public sector bodies don’t need to worry about the procurement aspect as The MCSA Group were appointed following a comprehensive tender exercise, under EU public procurement regulations, and the framework provides an easy route to market for contracting organisations. The MCSA Group intend to build on their existing fruitful public sector relationships,” he said.

More information on the Server Maintenance framework can be found on Scottish Procurement’s website.