The MCSA Group/The MCSA Group announce key personnel changes

Following the acquisition of The MCSA Group in Feb 2013 and as part of their ‘stronger together’ vision, The MCSA Group and The MCSA Group have announced some key board personnel changes. Roger Timms takes the role of Group Chairman and is pleased to appoint Paul Timms to Group Managing Director and Steve Nicholls to Group Sales Director. Andrew Boyle takes on the role of Non-Executive Director.

The benefit of having two complementary brands within the organisation has already delivered strong growth and an extended service portfolio. The MCSA Group and The MCSA Group have experienced excellent progress in top line sales performance, which is up 87% to the year ending March 2014 and this trend remains positive for 2015.

The MCSA Group and The MCSA Group have been partnering for nearly 30 years and both companies have rapidly growing revenues in recent years and continue to trade well as separate Brands.   The Brands have a history of successful client project collaboration and share excellent customer service reputations.

Paul Timms, Group Managing Director said, “Our joint platform provides us with a strong competitive advantage and scale – which has facilitated the investment in our brands and services.  We ensure that our business is aligned to market needs and that our staff share best practices to deliver excellent customer service and a wider range of services”.

Steve Nicholls, Group Sales Director said, “We will continue to build on our heritage, working culture, and the passion of our people. We will also ensure that our sales structure best supports our client’s needs; these factors will enable us to focus on our business relationships with both our customers and partners”.