West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust Steps up Business Continuity with New Storage Infrastructure

West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust has appointed leading NHS IT infrastructure specialist, The MCSA Group, to implement a complete refresh of its storage area network (SAN), to improve business continuity and disaster failover, including growth to dual site replication.

The move comes as the Trust identified a number of critical support issues with its single site legacy SAN array, and a necessity for improved business continuity at the core of its ICT strategy.

Working with the Trust’s team, The MCSA Group implemented the storage infrastructure across two sites with bi-directional replication and services active in both locations.  The new infrastructure provides high availability failover allowing for a near seamless recovery in the event of a disaster with minimal impact on front line services.

The MCSA Group has replaced the previous SAN with a brand new HP EVA4400 SAN array and added a mirrored infrastructure at a second data centre location for added flexibility.  With the help of VMWare storage VMotion, the team used the virtualised storage environment to facilitate data migration to the Trust’s new arrays.  The team managed the implementation with 100% business continuity and service delivery.

The new SAN architecture will allow West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust to improve storage utilisation and performance.  Simplified SAN management helps the Trust to control and monitor the new SAN, saving time and money.

Rob Howorth, IT Infrastructure Manager at West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust, said: “The MCSA Group’s technical expertise and guidance has been excellent.  Our previous SAN had no upgrade path available so the new infrastructure critically provides flexibility and future proofing.  Proliferating our storage across two sites has cemented our business continuity plans and will eradicate the extended downtime we used to endure.

“The implementation was delivered on time and with minimum planned disruption, which is key for an organisation such as the Trust.  Our disaster recovery times will improve by over 90%, which is a major boost to our ICT strategy, business continuity and service delivery.”

The account win sees Waverley further enhance its credentials as a leading infrastructure specialist to the NHS and follows its appointment to provide IT hardware through Lot 2 of Buying Solutions’ Commoditised framework.

The MCSA Group Managing Director, Andrew Boyle, said: “We have specialised in helping organisations such as West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust to improve its delivery of service for over 25 years.  We understand the complex issues they face and our proven expertise can unlock solutions for greater efficiencies.”