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IT technician or engineer working with hard drives in a storage array network. Data backup in a large datacenter.

Data Protection and Replication

MCSA has been a leading IT Solutions provider for over 30 years, during this time we have seen many disk failures!…so we know the importance of backups and data protection.

Businesses historically used traditional backup tools that ensured data safety within physical infrastructures by performing backups to a certain schedule – which meant that in the event of a disaster they could only restore data to that point in time.

Modern data protection and replication software along with hardware from vendors MCSA work with such as HPE, VEEAM and Unitrends can provide simple and effective continuous or near-continuous data protection for hypervisor and physical environments.

This can be done by:

  • replicating data
  • using snapshot technology
  • taking copies of each and every transaction within the IT infrastructure

This approach ensures that at any point in time a business can access any piece of information from within the IT infrastructure.

Data protection and replication utilities should be easy to configure and manage, however not one solution fits all environments. Questions around capacity planning for the business environment such as Storage utilisation, Server resources, deduplication modes, block sizing and retention policies should all be taken into account.

To discuss data protection and replication options specific to your IT infrastructure please call our pre-sales team on 01628 810977

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